Friday, 7 March 2014

Pretty Box Files

In January I set myself the challenge to completely de-clutter my house by the end of this month. I'm pretty sure I can still do that, but the dullest job so far hasn't been shifting boxes in abandoned dusty rooms or going through the hoarded horror of my basement, it was all the filing and sorting of paperwork I had to do. There were boxes and bags and expansion files full of bits of paper that didn't belong anywhere: statements, receipts, payslips, manuals... everything.

For super old stuff that can't be thrown away like bank statements, I used plain old files I already had because they're just going to be put away in the loft now, but for my new filing system and the records I need to keep to hand I wanted something a little more attractive.

I was particularly after pretty box files for storing my old diaries and Filofax inserts and once I have completed this project I might show how my filing is set up now, but these are the loveliest box files I have found:

1.) Keepsake box files | Primrose & Plum
I was drawn to the wonderful choice of colours and patterns. I think they look lovely stacked as they are in the pictures too, a bit of mis-matchery is great in office spaces. Versatile and with a pretty bow to keep everything tucked in, filing can be joyful with these.

2.) Vintage book style files | Klevercase
These are so clever and gorgeous. They look like BOOKS, so if you're more of a traditional office type your storage can now blend into your bookcase. The owner of this company, a master bookbinder, took his craft to cover ereaders, tablets and notebooks too and the finishes include traditional (as in the picture) or contemporary, and they can be custom printed so you can see at a glance what each box contains. Fabulous.

3.) Kirsty Allsop storage box | Kirsty Allsop 
These are my favourite! I love all the pretty contrasting colours and girly bow, and they're patterened inside. It's the little things. Kirsties whole stationery range is beautiful, but I would stack these from floor to ceiling if I could.

P.s: shop around, I found them half price at Tescos.

4.) Vintage Indian paper box files | Ella James
These old pattern style files come in a range of bonny red prints. I would personally use them to hold a myriad of Christmas related stuff I have as the colour is very apt, but their summery floral print doesn't hold them to that season at all and as they come in a range of patterns they would match wonderfully on shelving.


  1. Stationary is a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine and I was in the market for something to store all my notebooks in I really like those keepsake boxes from primrose and plum. Thanks for posting!

    1. They're great for notebooks! I'm so pleased with mine, I wish I could afford them all it was so hard to choose :(

  2. Very pretty ones. They could move into my office any day!