Thursday, 17 April 2014

Things I Love Thursday

:: My image ::

:: I love that although it's Thursday it's also kind of Friday because tomorrow is a bank holiday!

:: Waking up to find my cat curled up on my pillow next to my head.

:: Eggs. Chocolate eggs. Sugar coated chocolate eggs. Chocolate eggs with gooey awfulness inside them.

:: Pancake breakfasts in the office - strawberries and nutella every time.

:: Dave Eggers {The Circle} - it will make you think about where all this technology in our lives is going.

:: Seeing Robert Webb and Mark Heap in {Jeeves and Wooster} - hilarity ensues!

:: Having a good luck charm; if everything goes to plan, tomorrow is going to be amazing - more on that soon!

:: Bowling retro style with friends at {All Star Lanes} - a grown up but super fun evening to be had here.

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